Sunday, February 26, 2006

Blog or Blah-g

One of the items that is most often mentioned as something we need to incorporate into our newswriting courses is blogging. Certainly, we've seen a lot of publicity in the last couple of years about the growth of the blog as a journalism tool. Personally, I have trouble as a consumer getting excited about blogging. But then again, I'm an old white male with grey in my beard.

I suspect the rest of us have trouble with blogs, too. It is more of a blah-g. We don't care and certainly don't want to take the time to learn. Take this blog as an example. Clearly the best time to blog impressions about issues immediatley after the conference while they are fresh in our minds, before we get to the workaday world and other issues get in the way.

Twenty-four hours later (or a little more) after this blog has started there has been little participation by invitees.

And by the way, as a consumer, I'm more excited about podcasting. But as a practitioner I'm a dinosaur.


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