Sunday, February 26, 2006

Follow up at AEJMC?

Thanks again to all of you who attended the Rethinking Journalism Education Summit. I have to say putting it together and watching the ideas flowing and the people making connections was incredibly satisfying to me. I hope it's the beginning of something bigger.

I'll be in touch with JACC folks over the next few weeks to see if they want to do a second annual meeting in Morro Bay next year. But in the meantime I wanted to throw out the idea of planning some sort of follow-up at AEJMC. I assume at least some of you will be attending that meeting since it's in San Francisco this year. I wondered if we could book a meeting room and plan some sort of event -- either a social gathering (like the alumni socials that many of the schools host) or a more structured event. Does anyone know who is organizing the AEJMC meeting or how to arrange an AEJMC-related event?

Other things we could do to follow up:
* Create a listserv of CSU journalism/mass comm faculty. (My only hesitation is I'm already overwhelmed with email from the many listservs I'm on. I suspect many of you are similarly under e-mail attack.) We could just use this site to make announcements, just as I'm doing here.
* Have CSU schools host regional CSU/CC meetings to show off their departments and encourage communication and collaboration.
* Plan workshops to address specific issues that came up at the meeting -- accreditation, articulation, easing the transition for transfer students.
If you have any ideas, please post them here or drop me a line at


At 9:39 PM, Blogger Rich Cameron said...

If you start a CSU listserve, how about opening it to interested JACC folks, too? We do the same for you with the JACC listserve.

Anyone not on the JACC listserve who would like to be there just let me know.

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